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New Order
Retro Box Set

Retro Box Set

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Retro Box Set

Disc one: Pop (Selected by Miranda Sawyer, journalist)

1. Fine Time (from Technique)

2. Temptation (from 12 single Fac63)

3. True Faith (from Substance)

4. The Perfect Kiss (from Low-Life)

5. Ceremony (from 12 single Fac33)

6. Regret (from Republic)

7. Crystal (from Get Ready)

8. Bizarre Love Triangle (from Brotherhood)

9. Confusion (from 12 single Fac93)

10. Round & Round (from Technique)

11. Blue Monday (from 12 single Fac73)

12. Brutal (from The Beach Motion Picture Soundtrack)

13. Slow Jam (from Get Ready)

14. Everyone Everywhere (from Republic)

Disc two: Fan (Selected by John McCready, music journalist)

1. Elegia (from Low-Life)

2. In a Lonely Place (from 12 single Fac33)

3. Procession (from 7 single Fac63)

4. Your Silent Face (from Power, Corruption & Lies)

5. Sunrise (from Low-Life)

6. Let's Go (from The Best of New Order (US))

7. Broken Promise (from Brotherhood)

8. Dreams Never End (from Movement)

9. Cries and Whispers (from Everything's Gone Green; single FBNL 8)

10. All Day Long (from Brotherhood)

11. Sooner Than You Think (from Low-Life)

12. Leave Me Alone (from Power, Corruption & Lies)

13. Lonesome Tonight (from 12 single Fac103)

14. Every Little Counts (from Brotherhood)

15. Run Wild (from Get Ready)

Disc three: Club (Selected by Mike Pickering, DJ)

1. Confusion (Koma & Bones Vocal mix) (with Bernard's new vocal)

2. Paradise (Robert Racic mix) (from 12 single Fac183R)

3. Regret (Sabres Slow 'n' Low mix) (from 12 Single NUOX1)

4. Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Extended remix) (from 12 single Fac163)

5. Shellshock (John Robie mix) (from Substance)

6. Fine Time (Steve 'Silk' Hurley mix) (from 12 single Fac233R)

7. 1963 ('95 Arthur Baker mix) (from CD single NUCDP6)

8. Touched by the Hand of God (7 version) (from 7 single Fac193)

9. Everything's Gone Green (from 12 single FBNL8)

10. Blue Monday (Jam & Spoon Manuela mix) (from CD single NUOCD7)

11. World in Motion (Subbuteo mix) (Pickering/Parke mix, from Fac293R)

12. Here to Stay (Extended instrumental) (Chemical Brothers remix, from Here to Stay (AUS release))

13. Crystal (Lee Coombs dub) (Mistitled as Lee Coombs remix)

Disc four: Live (Selected by Bobby Gillespie, vocalist from Primal Scream)

1. Ceremony (Studio 54, Barcelona, 7 July 1984)

2. Procession (Polytechnic of Central London, 6 December 1985)

3. Everything's Gone Green (Recreation Centre, Kingston-upon-Thames, Tolworth, London 12 March 1983)

4. In a Lonely Place (Glastonbury Festival, 20 June 1981)

5. Age of Consent (Spectrum Arena, Warrington, 1 March 1986)

6. Elegia (Glastonbury Festival, 19 June 1987)

7. The Perfect Kiss (Glastonbury Festival, 19 June 1987)

8. Fine Time (claims to be from Hoffman Estates, Chicago, 30 June 1989 but is really Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 5 July 1989)

9. World (Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, 21 July 1993)

10. Regret (Reading Festival, 29 August 1993)

11. As It Is When It Was (Reading Festival, 29 August 1993)

12. Intermission by Alan Wise (Olympia, Paris, 12 November 2001)

13. Crystal (Big Day Out, Gold Coast, 20 January 2002)

14. Turn My Way (Olympia, Liverpool, 18 July 2001)

15. Temptation (Academy, Brixton, 10 October 2001)

Disc five limited edition CD: Bonus

1. Temptation '98  

2. Transmission (Live)  

3. Such a Good Thing (from CD Single NUOCD12)

4. Theme from Best & Marsh (from 12 single Fac263)

5. Let's G. . .  (extract from instrumental used on Salvation! motion picture soundtrack)

6. True Faith (Pink Noise Morel edit)  

7. Run Wild (Steve Osborne Original mix)  

8. The Perfect Kiss (Live take recorded at video shoot)  

9. Elegia (Full version)  

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